As a great poet once said: “I guess every superhero need his theme music” (K.W)
I guess every designer need his b&w picture,
so that's me on the left.

My name is Avihai, and I’m a product and industrial designer.

The studio specializes in designing unique and surprising everyday products, combining sharp design, humor and original perspective.
Believing that small products makes big smile!

Additionally, the studio provides design and development services to private customers and companies, including consulting services, production support, and development of ideas and creative products.

Selected mentions:
** Global Innovation Award 2016 (GIA) finalist, Home Decor + Gifts Category ("Nail It")
** Solutions 2016 award, Frankfurt, Germany ("Pepo")
** "one of the top 70 designers working in the world today" - 2013, star product designers, HarperCollins, USA.
** 10 most promising designers - 2013, Nisha magazine
** "The Toy" exhebition - 2011, Tlv.
** "Holyland Souvenirs" Lodz Design 2010, Poland.
** "EuroMold" ‐ 2010, Frankfurt, Germany.